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Projects Coming Up...

Even though it is the heat of the summer I am creating artwork for projects in the fall and even into 2013. I am currently finishing up my Avengers 50th anniversary cards for Unstoppable cards and also I am working on Nevermore Alice Flux for Marty and Boo's set. After That it's onto the world of Noir with Private Dicks a set from Cult Stuff then other licensed projects I cannot divulge yet. I am also working on some "larger" pieces... anything over 2.5" x 3.5" inches pretty much is a larger piece. They will be made into short run prints to sell at shows and online. With Halloween close by I will be working on some personal Universal Monsters pieces. Also NFL season is fast approaching and what better time than to work on more customized Topps card art on the blank front cards. Stay tuned here for more info very soon.

More Avengers 50th cards

With the NOTLD cards now hitting the market I am concentrating on the Avengers 50th set as well as Private Detectives . Here are some more Avengers 50th Anniversary cards that will be pack inserted.