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Sketch Card Set Schedule For Quarter 2 of 2017

Now that summer is here, I am currently working on the following sets:
Unstoppable Cards Gerry Anderson
Unstoppable Cards: Terminator 2
The Monstrous Art of Robert Aragon (which features many iconic actors from Bela Lugosi to Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr. Licensed from their estates)

These sets should all be due out from July through November. I will have artist proof cards available for each set. These sets are great to work on because they bring back great memories for me. Especially drawing the actors from the old Universal Monsters films.

Topps AMC's The Walking Dead Season 6 artist proof sketch cards RARE

After having done 33 pack inserted cards here are the cards I received for working on the set. These are extremely limited since the only way you can get these are directly from the artist. These were each approved by AMC, Topps and the actor or actress or their agent. If you are interested in any of them please contact me at They are $40 each US dollars and FREE shipping worldwide.

Topps AMC's The Walking Dead Season Six Sketch Cards

Here are some of my cards that were pack inserted. I also have 4 of my 5 artist proof cards left.